I’ve been creating products on Zazzle for several years. Recently, I’ve decided to be more intentional about it. So I’m working harder on making products and I’m also working on marketing them much more than I did before. I think these products will make great gifts, for Christmas or any other occasion.


How you can help:

  • Obviously, if you want to, you can buy some of the products with my design. Watch my Facebook or Instagram pages for coupon codes. But there are other ways to help without spending a dime. Keep reading . . .
  • Like my Facebook page.
  • Follow me on Instagram.
  • Like (or click on the heart icon, on Instagram) individual pictures/posts. The more likes, the more people see them.
  • Share my Facebook posts. This helps more people find out about my work.
  • Follow some or all of my boards on Pinterest. Specifically, follow and repin images from my Wisdom from God’s Word board.
  • Join Beelissa’s Beehive to get freebies, coupons and news about new designs and products in your inbox. When you join, you’ll get a link to a page where you can download free lockscreen images (a.k.a. phone wallpaper) for your smartphone.
  • Did I miss your favorite verse? Leave me a comment (either on this blog or on Facebook or Instagram) telling me about a Bible verse you want me to make into a design. Or if you like a certain design and want it on a specific product and it’s not . . . let me know which product and I’ll add it.


  • How does liking or favoriting your images on Facebook or Instagram help you? Because Facebook doesn’t show you everything, especially things posted by business pages. But they’re more likely to show items that have activity, so if you even just click “Like” under a post, it helps it be shown to more people who follow my page. Instagram is starting to switch to this model too. Commenting helps the same way. If you’ve ever noticed a post stays at the top longer if it’s one of your friends announcing they got engaged or they had a baby, you’ve observed how Facebook gives special placement to posts that have a lot of comments and “likes.”
  • On social media, you share verses with photos as backgrounds, but I don’t see these designs on Zazzle products. Why? Because these photos are not my own and I have the rights to use them in a design that I share, but not in a design that I sell.
  • Can you help me . . . make a website? . . . use social media for my business? . . . learn to make graphics on my computer? . . . sell things on Etsy? Yes. Fill out the form on my Hire Me page and we’ll work out the details.
  • Can I hire you to . . . make my website? . . . make graphics for my social media pages? . . . set up an Etsy store or a Zazzle store? . . . design a logo for me? . . . design a t-shirt or other product for me? Yes. Fill out the form on my Hire Me page and we’ll work out the details.

Samples of my work