I’ve been noticing unusual auto-complete words coming up on my phone.

For example, I was texting the church youth pastor that there was a watermelon in the . . . I started typing the next word, which started with “f” and “fridge” was not one of the suggestions that showed up. An example that’s even more strange: more than once, the word “children” came up as a suggestion to follow “roasted.”

Today, it occurred to me that they might make great story prompts or at least amusing Twitter posts.

So I’m going to try it and keep notes.

Here are the rules. I’ll start a sentence with several words and then I have to take one of the three suggestions that come up on my phone.

So here goes: The starter words are in quotes, and those afterward are those that come from my keyboard:

“One day, I went . . .” ahead with the new uniforms and I will give you an idea for the best way to go with a rebellious heart of gold.

I’m going to post this so people can see the explanation of my crazy tweet (I’m about to tweet the above sentence). I’ll put a couple more silly auto-complete stories in the comments. I hope you’ll try it and add your own!