don_t-miss-the-boat-cover-lrDon’t Miss the Boat can be considered Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Biblical Flood (whether or not you were afraid to ask).

The point of the book is to show that the account of the flood told in Genesis chapters 6-9 is a true, historical account. But more than that, the author seeks to inform you about details you might not know, help you understand how this account does not disagree with science, and also to make it more real to you.

There are several sections, each seeking to appeal to a different part of your brain or a different learning style. First, there are 4 chapters labeled “Exposition,” and it is an explanation of the world before the flood, how Noah prepared for the flood, the flood itself and its aftermath. The second section is about the history of the flood and ancient times, and also discusses why many in our society don’t believe in the flood (or don’t believe it was a global flood) and how the flood relates to the modern Creationist movement. The third section is about the science of the flood, and includes sections on fossils, where the water came from, radiometric dating, the ice age, and more. There is also a section of fictional short stories to help you visualize the world as it existed at the time of the early chapters of Genesis.

I believe the flood account is key to an understanding of the young earth Creationist worldview of history and science. It was only after I understood the ramifications of a true global flood and how these can explain the features of the earth that secular scientists view as evidence for their millions of years scenario that I finally came to believe the Bible creation account was true. This book makes that account understandable, even to those who don’t particularly like science, or to those who don’t have a scientific mind. If you are at all wondering about the true age of the earth or whether or not Noah’s flood was a global flood or a historical event, you don’t want to miss Don’t Miss the Boat.

If you want to get more information, click on the picture of the book. Full disclosure: I was given a free copy of the ebook in exchange for my honest review.