The Colony season 2 finale brought us some surprises. I want to comment on the predictions I made in my previous post and just make some random comments and a couple more predictions for season 3.

  • Most of my previous predictions can still be considered predictions because we didn’t find out one way or the other in the season finale:
    • We don’t know what happens to Maddie nor did we learn any more about Hudson’s fate.
    • The Bowman’s fate is definitely tied to Snyder’s, but we still don’t know how that will play out.
    • We’re pretty sure Katie and Will never saw the shoelace Maddie tied to the lamp post, but we don’t know if Katie would forgive Maddie for sending the Black Jacks after her, Will and Broussard.
  • Our main characters are split up (Broussard is not with the Bowmans) but at least the Bowman family is all together.

So here are some of my thoughts about what will happen in the next season:

Maddie and Hudson

  • I definitely think Hudson can give us an insight into what’s going on in this elite camp he’s been taken to. Are they being trained like the Hitler Youth, or just further indoctrinated into The Greatest Day cult?
  • I see 3 possibilities for Maddie:
    • If Amanda Righetti doesn’t want to make the move to Vancouver, maybe we learn or just assume she’s in the factory.
    • If Amanda Righetti returns in season 3, we could see her in the factory — interactions with Nolan and Nolan’s wife could be interesting, plus I just want to learn more about what’s happening there, though it does seem to be an eventual death sentence.
    • If Maddie runs back inside before the space ships suck everyone up, maybe she escapes Total Rendition and eventually meets up with Broussard somehow? That might be interesting.


  • Why did Broussard elect not to accompany the Bowmans?
    • Because he doesn’t trust Snyder?
    • Because he now no longer trusts Will and Katie because they carelessly blew the group’s cover and that resulted in Morgan’s death?
    • Because he secretly removed the gauntlet from the case, unbeknownst to Will & Katie, and he has his own plan for it?
    • Just because he’s a loner at heart, or to leave him able to rescue Maddie or perform some other plot device in season 3?
  • Maybe Broussard will find Minnie.
  • Broussard will be our eyes so we’ll know what happens in the Bloc after Total Rendition — is everything destroyed or just empty? Are some stragglers left who manage not to be taken up?

Snyder and the Bowmans

  • I’m still wondering — is Helena in on Snyder’s “I’ll-get-you-the-gauntlet-so-I’ll-never-want-for-anything-again” plot? Or did he go to the Black Jacks behind her back?
  • I think we can assume Snyder hopes to be reunited with his daughter when he’s rewarded for turning over the gauntlet.
  • Speaking of Snyder’s daughter, where exactly was she when we last saw her? It looked like some kind of Hippie commune, but I feel like she wasn’t there totally of her own free will. Why was she not in the elite Hitler Youth camp that Hudson was taken to? Is she too old to be indoctrinated? or did she refuse? She sure seems to hold Snyder personally responsible for quite a lot of things, some of which are probably beyond his control.
  • I think Snyder is not all bad, and he’ll offer to let the Bowmans escape if they give him the gauntlet. If the gauntlet is still in the case.
  • Or, if the Bowmans tell Snyder about the Rap defector, he may decide it would be more to his benefit to accompany them to the secure desert location and then turn the defector Rap over to the authorities. Or maybe he wouldn’t be that mean?
  • Seems like Bram’s instincts about Snyder were correct. And here I was yelling at him through the TV screen, reminding him that Snyder saved his butt by getting him out of the labor camp. I want to see more interaction between Bram and Snyder, and Snyder and the Bowman parents, and between the Bram and his parents, for that matter. Ever since Bram was reunited with his family, I’ve been waiting to see him tell them what happened at the labor camp, and I fell like they still don’t really know everything that happened there.
  • I’m wondering, at any given moment, if Snyder tells the truth when he speaks about things he knows about the Hosts and their activities, or if he’s just lying through his teeth.
  • Snyder once said something to the effect of, “You don’t want to be out there,” referring to the area beyond the walls of the LA Bloc — and now Snyder’s going there. What’s out there? Bram and his friend found warehouses untouched and full of stuff you could take, in Season 1. Will the Bowmans be scavenging like the characters in The Walking Dead so often do? Will they meet up with bad guys like Negan who somehow escaped the occupation, or will they be the only people beyond the wall?
  • Speaking of beyond the wall, Beau is out there, right? Will tends to go find people he knows, so if Carl Weathers is willing to come back, I think it would be great to see him again.

The Hosts and the IGA

  • I have a creepy theory regarding the people they are kidnapping and putting into the pods. After seeing the cold open for the season finale, I wonder if they use parts of a human’s body and insert one of those “core” things so that it gives one of the Host individuals a new body when the old one no longer functions. I know we didn’t see anything that looked like flesh, but all we saw was part of what was inside the helmet, we didn’t ever see what was in the rest of that suit.
  • I continue to think that whatever the fate of the pod people is, it’s not the same as being taken to the Factory.
  • Here’s what we know:
    • People put into the pods are still alive and kept that way, even though their lungs are filled with that green liquid. I think the green liquid is supplying oxygen and keeping their lungs from collapsing in the vacuum of space. But why would that be necessary, if the Factory workers don’t seem to need that to stay alive at the factory? The answer is, either the pod people are going somewhere else or somewhere farther away.
    • Exposure to the Rap communicator device (the “Gauntlet”) causes radiation poisoning in humans.
    • Whatever they’re making at the factory is in big tanks and may be green. It seems to be either a liquid or a gas, in those big tanks. And some of those who work in the Factory seem to have some of the symptoms of radiation poisoning.
    • The Hosts use a combination of indoctrination and segregation to carry out their plans. They are indoctrinating some into The Greatest Day movement, and the children seem to be a particular target here, but we see others as well. In addition to the segregation caused by putting up walls, they’ve segregated their various authority groups so they each have a function and don’t overlap: The Red Hats, the Black Jacks, and even members of Homeland Security don’t seem to be given all of the inside information. And we don’t know how much or how many humans were in on this since the 70s. Giving each group only as much information as it needs seems to be part of their evil plan.
  • I do believe The Greatest Day is real. At least, there’s a kernel of truth. It may not be a “great” day for humans, but I think there is some truth to the idea that some of earth’s children will play a big role in some part of the Rap’s end game for Earth. The best way to build a cult and get people to willingly go along with a lie is to wrap the lie around a truth. If the end game is not complete annihilation of the human race, but instead some participation on some level by some part of the human race, they need to get a bunch of humans fully on board with this Greatest Day movement, so they are active participants, not just going along at gunpoint.

What do you think?

I’ve gone on long enough. I don’t know what I will do while waiting for the next season but if you want to help me pass the time, leave a comment about your own theories or thoughts.