I can’t even begin to talk about my feelings that our wonderful, well-written, amazingly-cast show is ending so abruptly. So I won’t do that.

I’ve felt, for a while, that the creators had a hunch season 3 might be the last and they “put a nickel in it” (as my husband says, which means they moved faster than before) to try to wrap up some of the major plot threads and answer some of our questions in this season. That’s why the time jumps, that’s why the lack of spoon-feeding, leaving us to fill in some of the blanks on the smaller questions.

Here’s a list of stuff I’m hoping we’ll find out.

  • What was being made at the factory? What happened to it — what whatever was made stored there and therefore destroyed, or did over a years worth of work just get wasted? And can whatever was made help protect earth or is it just for the benefit of the RAPs?
  • How exactly did the RAPs contact Earthlings at first and was what they told the Earthlings true or not? (I’ve always thought that if they contacted NASA, the IGA headquarters would not be in Davos but somewhere in the US and things in other countries would be different than in the US. The scene early in this season when Snyder meets that woman who’s overseeing the Africa colonies shows that all of the world was colonized similarly, and I don’t think that’s how it would play out, especially if the contact was first made in the late 60s.)
  • What are the numbers like? Supposedly there are only about 100 RAP entities. How many of the other kind of alien? and are these just the ones who have come to our solar system or do these represent the entire population of these races in the entire universe?

But I’m more concerned about the characters:

  • Can Amy be trusted?
  • Will all of the Bowmans survive?
  • What does Gracie think about all of this?
  • Will the Bowmans end up together as a family or are they ruined forever?

If these questions are still open-ended after tonight, I hope they can at least write a book or do a movie wrap-up or something. I know they have some of these answers in their heads already, so I hope we get to learn them.