Hi! I’m Beelissa. You can read more about me below.

I want to give you some freebies, designed by me. No Strings Attached! They are below.

I also want to give you the opportunity to consider joining my exclusive club, Beelissa’s Beehive. One of the benefits of membership is more Freebies! Read more about membership by scrolling down below the freebies.

Wallpaper images for smartphones

Coloring Pages

Facebook Cover Images and a Printable Bookmark

Printable Posters

As a member of Beelissa’s Beehive, you will:

  • Get freebies, like free wallpaper for your computer, printable cards, bookmarks, stickers, mini-posters and more!
  • Receive coupons that will save you money on my products, or any products at Zazzle.com
  • See previews of new designs I’m working on
  • Be able to make requests: Bible verses I should make designs for, products I should put designs on, etc.
  • Be the first to know when I open my Etsy store or about other new developments in my career

Why do I want people to join Beelissa’s Beehive?

  • I want to get feedback on a deeper level than hearts on Instagram
  • I do my best work when someone requests custom work and gives me some parameters (like a color scheme or a special verse or a certain motif they want included)
  • I want to create things that people want. So I need a small group to tell me what they want.
  • I need direction for what’s next: should I make products on Society6.com or open an Etsy shop to sell digital items?

A little about me:

  • I’m married to David, who does college ministry with Campus Renewal
  • I used to homeschool (he’s graduated now)
  • I’ve recently entered the “empty nester” phase of life
  • I live in a quasi-rural area in upstate New York
  • My “office” is in the corner of my living room
  • I like digital scrapbooking and web design
  • One of my ancestors was James Chilton, the oldest passenger on the Mayflower

The view from my “office” as I worked on these freebies.

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