deut30-14aPhoneWallpaperI’ve managed to post a graphic with a scripture verse each day so far, as part of The 100 Day Project. You can see all of them on my Instagram.

I also made this one into a wallpaper image for a smartphone (also known as a lock screen image). You can see it on the right — feel free to download it and use it. Let me know what you think in the comments, either here or on Instagram.

I’m working on some more freebies. What kind of freebies do you want? You can tell me that in the comments, also.

So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about my screen name. On almost everything, I’m Beelissa. Beelissa on Twitter, and Pinterest and lots of other places, too. And I own also.

However, I’m not Beelissa on Instagram. Don’t look up the person who is, you may not be happy with what you find (NSFW, or at least, last I checked that was the case).

History of Instagram: it was first only for iPhone users. And I’ve never had an iPhone. So for the longest time, I couldn’t even sign up on Instagram and claim the Beelissa username. One day I got some strange messages on Twitter, and the Instagram Beelissa was @replying on both Twitter and Instagram and I got the Twitter ones. I was not particularly pleased, but I haven’t gotten any more so that’s good.

Anyway, I mostly told this story to fill up some space next to this big picture, but also so if you just started following me on Instagram, you will know why I’m Beelissa everywhere else but not there.

Oh, I’m Beelissa on Zazzle, too. I’m going to be working on making Zazzle products with some of my Bible verse graphics. You can put a graphic or image on almost anything using Zazzle, and then you can sell them. They have t-shirts and tote bags but also shower curtains and couch cushions and clocks and night lights and regular table lamps and doormats and cheeseboards and water bottles — you name it, they probably have it.

If you want to see one of my graphics on a particular product, let me know that, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog!