I have many thoughts about our favorite show being cancelled. I think I will write two more posts: 1 will list questions we still need answered (this may have to wait until after Wednesday night’s episode, but I may do a preliminary list before then), and another that talks about my thoughts on the TV industry and how they’re making mistakes that have created an environment where something like this can happen.

But now is not yet the time for that.

First, we need to ACT.

Here is how you can let other networks know you want Colony to be picked up for a 4th season. Do all of these that you can do and spread the word that Colonists are not going to collaborate by just accepting this news without resistance.

Sign the Petition to bring Colony back for season 4, and there’s another petition here.

Use, or continue to use, these hashtags: #Colony #RenewColony #ColonyS4 #SaveColony


I feel like Netflix is the best chance since they already have the first 2 seasons on there.

Tell Netflix you want Colony to have a season 4   This is a link to shows you want Netflix to air. Colony is already on Netflix for season 1 and 2, and I’m sure they’ll have season 3 on there eventually. But we want Netflix to produce season 4, so you have to write that in there, don’t just write “Colony.” Write something like “Please produce season 4 of Colony which was cancelled by USA Network.”

Tweet to @Netflix

Tweet to @ReedHastings, CEO of Netflix

Send a message to Netflix on Facebook

Send a message or tag Netflix on Instagram

Email the following people at Netflix:

  • Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, tsarandos@netflix.com
  • Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content, cholland@netflix.com


Tweet to the following people at Amazon:

If anyone knows another way to contact Amazon, let me know and I’ll add it here.


Tweet to @Hulu

Send a message to Hulu on Facebook

Readers and fellow Colony fans, if you know other ways to contact these networks, or other networks that might be interested and have contact info, please share it in the comments or send me a tweet or contact me on my contact page. I’ll add it to this post. I didn’t include SyFy since they’re owned by the same company as USA Network so I feel like, if there were a chance to move it there, it would have been announced instead of cancelling the show.

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