18663055 The first book in a series called “The Book of Bones,” The Dying King introduces three young people who will all have a significant role to play in the fate of the Known World.

The Dying King is a novella written for the young adult audience. It is set in a completely fictional world, the details of which unfold as the book progresses. The map at the front of the book helps you find your bearings.

Main characters Langor, Starlia and Dartillion couldn’t be more different. They each come from a different country and different backgrounds. Langor is from a noble family and is suddenly placed in a position of responsibility he doesn’t feel ready for. Starlia’s family was killed in a recent war and she is on her own and homeless, having to rely on her wits to survive. But she also believes she holds the key to the survival of her country. Dartillion is the ne’er-do-well second son of the leader of a group of warrior pirates. His pranks and lack of ability to do what is expected of him have finally caught up with him, and he is facing a year of exile which could become more permanent.

Readers who make the effort to sort out the politics of the Known World will be rewarded as events unfold that will certainly effect many more people beyond our three main characters. This first book ends, not with a cliffhanger exactly, but with each of the characters on the brink of situations that will change their own lives and affect the fate of their respective nations. You will be left waiting eagerly for the next book in the series.

Note: I received a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.