It’s been a very busy week, so I’m going to try and make this quick. But I have some really interesting details you may have overlooked, and some maybe-not-so-wild speculation, so here we go.

What About the Other Two Armories?

I’ve gathered some very interesting information. Some of this is from notes I’ve taken while watching previous episodes. And the titles of the next two episodes of Colony have been released on the Internet. And I zoomed in on the computer screen Harris and Kynes were looking at in the opening scene from two weeks ago (see image).

  • The courier that Broussard killed was in Kynes’ office where he picked up a briefcase containing what looked like medical samples. Kynes said the briefcase “just came off the plane” and he told the courier to “drop it off at Hendrix.” The Armory O’Neill discovered was labeled “Hendrix” on the map on Kynes’ computer. The full-res image looks like the rest of the caption lists weapons that are kept there, but it’s hard to read all of the words.
  • The courier also was to take the “Sample” (the bullet-proof stuff Broussard acquired) from “the lab” (where we saw it being tested to see if it stood up to Drone blasts) and bring it to “prototyping.” So what are they making with this material?
  • One of the other locations identified on the map is labeled “Bonzo.”
  • Bonzo happens to be the title of episode 12. So it sounds like we’re going to find out what’s in those armories pretty soon.

What’s Happening in the Cold Open?

At the beginning of episode 11, we see at least 3 Outliers in a forest. We don’t know where this is, but here’s a clue you may have missed (I found this out by putting on the closed captions): The female Outlier, 35098, was speaking Persian. The male Outlier, 59640, was speaking Mandarin. So they had to do hand motions since they couldn’t understand each other. But they didn’t try other languages, so it’s safe to say they each only spoke the one language, and most likely weren’t Americans. Wikipedia says that Persian is also known as Farsi and is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Mandarin, of course, is spoken in China, and Wikipedia tells me that one of the regions where it’s spoken is pretty much adjacent to Tajikistan. So it’s likely this forest is in Asia. Although we don’t know, maybe they relocate the Outliers far from where they were captured.

Here’s my theory about what’s happening here:

  • The “new” aliens have landed and are known to be running around on parts of the earth.
  • The RAPs are leaving pods in these areas to test and see if the Outliers are effective fighting against these aliens. Or maybe they’re really expected to kill them. If so, they’re doing a bad job.
  • Clearly, the new aliens are much more powerful.
  • Other than the physical strength and combat training, these Outliers are not given special equipment beyond some kind of vision scope that allows them to see heat signatures, and padded clothing, and a nice big gun. But no bulletproof armor . . .

I’m wondering why the RAPs haven’t made suits for the Outliers with that bulletproof material that Broussard and Amy have a sample of. Seems like that might be the way to keep the aliens from killing them . . .

What’s Snyder’s Plan?

It’s hard to say what Snyder was hoping would happen. He said, “We make our own reckless move and then see how he counters.” So he framed Harris for the bombing and Kynes knew immediately that it was a frame-up. And then the question is, did Snyder anticipate what Kynes would do? Did he think Kynes would disappear and Snyder would be put in his place as Proxy?

He knows Kynes was not sending all of the Outliers into the pod storage area, but does Snyder know Kynes was gathering them for his own plans? “I play all sides, Helena. That’s my gift.” I can’t wait to see what happens this week.

More Questions about the Outliers

I’m thinking about the Outliers. We know they were gathered into pods and launched into space from the labor camp. So where did they go? Were they stored on the Moon? Were they destroyed in the Factory, or were they elsewhere? Snyder tells us “they used to be sent into space, but now they’re stored beneath the launch platform.” So what changed? The destruction of the Factory is the logical thing that has changed.

The Mystery of Amy

I was fascinated by the conversation between Amy and Katie. A couple of random thoughts:

  • I think Amy knew Will was married but she’d never heard Katie’s name before.
  • Amy’s dealt with married couples before; she managed to be very diplomatic and not throw Will under the bus as Katie was fishing for some information.
  • When O’Neill and his buddies arrived and they went inside the house, I love the looks that both Amy and then Katie gave to the men (to Will and Broussard, I mean) as they entered.
  • Last we saw, Amy was kicking Broussard out, but now he’s at her house. Did she give him permission or did he just let himself in because that’s where the video and the IGA documents from LA were being kept?

But here’s what I really want to talk about: Katie asks Amy if she has family. She looks down but then says no. Clearly the “no” is the current answer, she has no family in Seattle, but there’s more to that story. I hope we learn more, we only have 2 episodes left. Amy tells Katie “I was in LA for a medical conference” when the arrival happened. Here are my thoughts on that:

  • She was in LA, visiting from where? so she was stranded separately from her family when the Arrival happened? Maybe there is family still out there?
  • But wait — Broussard met her in LA, but we saw a flashback to before that. She was in San Fernando at the time of the Total Rendition in LA. Remember the scene where they go up onto the roof of the hospital and see the spaceships above LA? So was Amy in LA and then moved to the San Fernando bloc later? or — I don’t know my geography that well, would San Fernando be considered part of LA? Would you say, “I’m in LA for a medical conference” when really you were in San Fernando? I’m an east coast gal so I don’t know. Or maybe she was in LA but then went to San Fernando before the walls actually came down? Or maybe the whole story about the medical conference was a lie. Whatever is the truth, I think there’s more to this story.
  • I re-iterate my earlier claim that I think Amy can be trusted. She’s not up to something. But she has more in her past than she’s told us. She mentions to Broussard that she was “lost” before she teamed up with him in LA. Again, I hope we learn more.

The Mystery of Meadow’s Family

Sal says he and his wife were talking about how they want “Sean” and Gracie to come over for dinner again. Who is Sal’s wife? I can only think of 4 women we’ve met since the “Daltons” came to Seattle:

  • The wife of the guy Will was trying to find — she can’t be Sal’s wife because we see her house and she has young boys and we know what happened with her husband.
  • The woman Will met in the bar, who was also the woman who was living with the guy Will was trying to find. So, that’s not Sal’s wife either.
  • Iris — remember her? she was the first person the Daltons met in the refugee camp when they entered Seattle. Is she old enough to be the mother of someone Meadow’s age?
  • Michelle — Katie’s boss. It certainly doesn’t look like she could be Meadow’s mother, but there could be a second marriage situation going on here.

Maybe it’s no one we know. Just some normal woman. I just feel like these scenes with Meadow and her family have to be going somewhere. Or maybe it’s just Bram wanting a normal life. Only two episodes left to find out.

Random Thoughts

I have a couple of random thoughts that don’t fit anywhere else:

  • Helena threatened Glen with being sent to the “Arctic Fabrication Facility” if he didn’t help them figure out where Kynes was. Is there such a place and what are they fabricating there?
  • Our courier friend told his driver to “head to Joplin” where he was to, presumably, drop off the “sample” of the bullet-proof material. Joplin is not one of the names of the Armories (as I’ve said, Hendrix is one, Bonzo is another and the third one is Morrison). So what’s Joplin? Keep your ears open to see if we hear that name tonight or next week.